Snowden Bridge HOA

Information on HOA fees, rules, management, etc.

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The information below is provided by Theodore Theologis (a Realtor and Snowden Bridge homeowner), as a resource for those interested in buying in Snowden Bridge.

Snowden Bridge HOA Structure

Snowden Bridge has 5 homeowners associations. The Snowden Bridge Community Association is the master association and manages the Residence Club and other common facilities.

There are four sub-associations, each one responsible for maintaining a different section of the community. The four sub-associations are the Diamond Valley Community Association, the Ramie Corner Community Association, the Snowden Orchard Community Association, and the Hiatt Landing Community Association.

Each homeowner belongs to the Snowden Bridge CA and either the Diamond Valley CA, Ramie Corner CA, Snowden Orchard CA, or Hiatt Landing CA depending on where the home is located. Membership in both associations is mandatory.

Snowden Bridge HOA Fees

Snowden Bridge residents pay HOA dues to 2 homeowners associations. Depending on where your home is located, you will be responsible for paying HOA dues to Snowden Bridge CA, and to either Diamond Valley CA, Ramie Corner CA, Snowden Orchard CA, or Hiatt Landing CA. In 2024 the combined fee for both associations comes out to:

  • Single-Family Homes: $153/mo
  • Townhomes: $165/mo
Snowden Bridge HOA Governance

Each of the 5 Snowden Bridge homeowner associations is managed by a separate Board of Directors. Currently, the developer is in charge of the Board of Directors of the Snowden Bridge CA, the Snowden Orchard CA, and the Hiatt Landing CA.  Diamond Valley CA and Ramie Corner CA boards are managed by homeowners.

Snowden Bridge HOA Management

Each of the associations in Snowden Bridge is managed by a professional community management company.  The Snowden Bridge Community Association (the master association), is managed by CMC Management and is responsible for staffing the clubhouse. The clubhouse is located in the Residence Club at 119 Buccaneer Court. The office number is: 540.723.4676

Snowden Bridge Policies, Etc.

Learn more about Snowden Bridge rules and policies. This section is not intended to present all community rules and regulations but rather just to highlight some questions I get often.

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Community Highlights

Snowden Bridge Residence Club

The Residence Club is the pride and joy of Snowden Bridge. It offers a large sports complex, swimming pool, a community room, and much more.

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Snowden Bridge Pool & Lessons

Learn about pool hours, passes, pool activities and swimming lessons, and everything else you’d want to know about the Snowden Bridge pool.

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Community Activities

Snowden Bridge is quite an active community, offering numerous activities year-round. Learn about the many things residents can participate in.

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